Christmas in the Cabin - Chichester Escapes

Christmas in the Cabin

Thurs 5th Dec 2019 – Sun 5th Jan 2020

It was Christmas Eve and Ben Young was investigating a number of reported supernatural sightings in the woods when he went missing. A trail of footprints in the snow have led you to a deserted log cabin in the woods. Ben Young has left you an encrypted message that might just explain what has happened to him. You have 60 minutes to search the cabin, follow the clues and crack the code to solve the mystery, ultimately leading to your escape.

Twas the night before Christmas,
Locked in a cabin, so easy to scare,
A snap of a twig, just a rabbit or hare,
The sounds of the woods, a distant howl,
Two eyes looking in, only an old snowy owl,
Tensions are rising as we fumble with locks,
Jingling bells in a Christmas gift box,
Huddled by the fire, riddled with fear,
Something passes outside, simply a reindeer,
Starting to calm, as we awaited our host,
Alas too soon, as we were met by the ghost…

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from £18 each
Minimum 3 people - Maximum 6 people (At least 1 adult per group)
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