Cabin in the Woods

Ben Young was investigating a number of reported supernatural sightings when he went missing. Tracking his last known whereabouts, you find yourself locked in a cabin in the woods. But all is not as it seems. Ben Young has left you an encrypted message that might just explain what has happened to him. You have 60 minutes to search the cabin, follow the clues and crack the code to solve the mystery, ultimately leading to your escape.

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Locked in the cabin, so easy to scare,
A snap of a twig, just a rabbit or hare,
The sounds of the woods, a distant howl,
Two eyes looking in, only an old tawny owl,
Tensions rising as we fumbled with locks,
Clattering dustbins, simply a fox,
Huddled together, riddled with fear,
Something passes outside, simply a deer,
Starting to calm, as we awaited our host,
Alas too soon, as we were met by the ghost…

For ages:
12+ Any child under 16 years must be accompanied by a paying adult
Fear rating:
Difficulty rating:
from £20 (based on 6 people) £22 from 29/03/24 each
Minimum 3 people - Maximum 6 people (At least 1 adult per group)
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Escapee's Stories

'Worth a vist'. If you have never tried an Escape Room experience then this is a good place to try it out. It's not cheap but good fun if there are six of you who like puzzles and tracing clues to conclusions. Great for a family get together.

Trip Advisor - Steve Zsibrita, 8th January 2019

We visited for my birthday, one teen and 5 adults and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Full of puzzles, tasks, anagrams, codes to break and cryptic clues - something for everyone (with a few hints from the hosts along the way) we made it out with seconds to spare! We were all on the go for the whole hour, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The venue is great- crazy golf and a lovely cafe, all lovely and clean, helpful and polite staff, plenty of parking- we thoroughly recommend it ( maybe not for young children as they may not be able to answer clues - but gamers and adults 👍)

Trip Advisor - 6th January 2019

Four of us did the Cabin in the Woods and it was great, there were some really clever puzzles and some surprises. We did escape with three minutes to spare. We will definitely be back to experience the other rooms. Highly recommended

Trip Advisor - 4th January 2019

Just been here for a Christmas treat and as escape room newbies found an excellent adventure in the Cabin in the Woods. James was an ace guide and the puzzles were a great fun challenge. Highly recommended and we will be back.

Trip Advisor - 29th December 2018

It was my third visit to an Escape Room and my first visit to the Chichester Escape Rooms on Saturday 15th December 2018. Very impressed! Clean, smart and well laid out. We were given a very warm welcome. We played The Cabin in the Woods room and although we didn't quite make it out, all 4 of us thoroughly enjoyed the game. We will definitely be back.

Trip Advisor - 17th December 2018

3 of us have completed the Maid Milly and the Cabin in the Woods rooms and loved them both! Having done about 70 rooms between the 3 of us, we were all super impressed by the themes and puzzles (both number of and variety). Plus the games master, James, is a top guy. Definitely recommend for beginners and enthusiasts and you can also get food at the cafe and play mini golf if you fancy it - winner!

Trip Advisor - 2nd December 2018

We had a great time playing Old Maid Milly and Cabin in the woods! We've played over a hundred rooms so was interested to play this new start-up last weekend. Old maid Milly is definitely a room I'd recommend for beginners to escape rooms; it had a good theme and accessible puzzles. We completed it as a pair in just under 30 minutes but still really enjoyed the room. The cabin in the woods was a different beast! Lots of puzzles, lots to do and a little more brain power required! We still escaped well within time. We had a brilliant time and felt the rooms made sense, with minimal nudges required to keep us on track. We'll play the other room if we return to the area for sure!

Google - Mike Etheridge, December 2018

We did the cabin in the woods, only 2 adults and 3 children. We didn’t get out but had amazing fun and we were very nearly there. Needed about 5-10 mins more. Not bad for only 2 adults haha. Coffee was lush in the cafe. Then went on to play glow in the dark golf, also good fun and very “ glowy “ kids loved it.

Trip Advisor - 4th February 2019

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